A Duke’s Sensual Christmas Revelation (Preview)

Chapter One

Catherine leaned her weight into the strong frame of her lover Marcus and kissed him hungrily. The sun shone a radiant red as it set out over the ocean, with the gentle waves crashing down at the beach in the distance, as the couple held each other in their arms and enjoyed the sunset .When it finally was growing dark outside and the chill started to increase around them, Marcus swept Catherine up in his arms and carried her back to their castle where they stayed together, warm in each other’s embrace and love late into the night. Both of them slept peacefully and dreamed eagerly for all their days of passion ahead in their married life together. 

The End

Eloise set down her quill and massaged her aching hand. She sighed a long soft sigh of relief and satisfaction, as she allowed the ink to dry on the page of her most recent novel. She had been up late the night before, writing, so that she could make her deadline in time. After sleeping for a short three hours she had gotten up again, and finished her novel. Eloise had kept a journal ever since she had learned to write proficiently and had been in love with the activity ever since. Her mother, Lady Everleigh, the Viscountess of Kent, disapproved of how much Eloise wrote, as she said that it was less of an important skill for a young debutant of the ton, and would not truly help in catching the attention of a worthy suitor. Although Eloise was a romantic at heart, which is why she wrote such heartfelt romance novels, she longed to do more than marry and have babies until the day she died. 

In the summers, instead of coming home from boarding school, her mother sent Eloise to stay with her aunt and uncle in the country who had never been blessed with children and on top of that her mother said that she was such a wild child that Eloise had no regard for her poor nerves, and she could not bear to have her around all summer. When Eloise first went, she was scared but she quickly formed a close attachment to her mother’s younger sister and found herself longing for when summer would come. Her Aunt Eugenia was a free spirit as was her husband. They each had a huge passion for the arts, science, nature, and all that was being newly discovered in their frequent travels around the world. One summer they had even taken Eloise with them to India with them and Eloise had been amazed at how different the world was there. 

Aunt Eugenia had been the one to open Eloise’s eyes to how big the world could be, and taught her that if she wished to take a bigger part in it that she must find a way to secure her own way in this world. At first Eloise had felt hopeless, since everything was forbidden for a lady of the ton, but then one day as she was reading a book it dawned on her that she could use a pen name and write her own novels, and no one would ever know. Eloise was able to clandestinely connect with a publisher at a small company in London and he read her first novel and agreed to publish her work and had continued to do so since then. In the past few years, she had done this, Eloise had made quite a fair sum of money from her work, and she gotten to the point of needing to find a more permanent place to keep her coins as it was growing too large for the hiding place, she currently had for it, inside a false bottom in her the cupboard in the corner of her chambers. 

Aside from the funds that she had earned from her writing, it also provided a way for Eloise to live a life of excitement and freedom that was too often so far from the real life that she lived. Last year was her very first season and yes it had been full of balls, parties, and picnics but deep-down Eloise found it all a bit dull and frivolous. She knew deep down in her heart that there was more to life than making the best match she could and then being a good wife. Eloise packed away her writing and then laid down in bed to catch up on a bit of sleep, once again thankful that it was common for the people of the ton to sleep in so late. 

Hours later, Eloise roused to the sound of her handmaiden, Clarice, a young slender girl with the curliest bright red ringlets of hair all over her head and constantly escaped from her maid’s bonnet. She pulled back the heavy curtains and the pale winter light filled the room. 

“Good morning, my lady! I trust you slept well,” Clarice said flashing Eloise her cherry smile and bright green eyes. 

Eloise yawned and replied. “Good morning, Clarice yes, I did. Does it look as though it will snow once again today?” 

“Ahh, one can never be too sure this time of year my lady, but yes I would bet my best brooch that we shall see a few hours of snow fall this morning.” 

Eloise heart sank because she knew that if it snowed more than a certain amount her mother would not allow her to go out today. Perhaps she could feign a headache and sneak out long enough in order to go out and make it down to the other side of town where her publisher’s shop was located. It was in a working-class part of town and in order to fit in as much as possible she dressed in her simplest dress and cloak and rode the old mare they used as a pasture horse to keep the other mares company. Even though her publisher, Mr. Barrows—a widower with two daughters and three young boys to provide for—always told her that he would be alright if she needed an extra day to turn in her novels, she prided herself in being punctual, regardless how difficult it was at times. 

Eloise got dressed and went down the long staircase to the breakfast table, where she endured listening to her mother complain to her half-listening father about how she had slept so poorly last night. 

“I tell you my dear, I feel certain something is very wrong this time and I think we absolutely must call for Doctor Jones to come today.” 

“Yes, dear,” Viscount Arthur Everleigh said not even looking up from his paper. 

“Also, I think I shall have the cook bring my mid-day meal to me in my chambers today. For I was so weak from the way my nerves upset me this morning, did I mention that I had to take my smelling salts four times this morning already?” 


“Well, it is good to know you care so deeply for me, Arthur!” the viscountess stated tritely.

“I apologize Margaret, I do care of course, and I believe that if you are feeling unwell you should call for Doctor Jones. He always seems to help you feel better.” 

Eloise’s mother had Doctor Jones see her at least once a week for some aliment or another that personally, Eloise thought where all in her head, but any time after Doctor Jones came to treat her, she always was in a much better mood for the rest of the week so either way it was fine. 

“Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I received a letter this morning from Hannah. She said that she is doing well and that her pregnancy is going smoothly. I believe she is about seven months along now so I shall most likely need to make plans to travel to her at the end of the month,” Her mother announced as though she were the picture of an angel on earth for her sacrifices for her children. 

“I believe that is a wise choice, dearest. I also received a letter this morning. It was from Jonathan, and he states that he plans to come visit here in a matter of just a few days, “Arthur stated. 

“Ahh, that is wonderful! I long to see my only son and darling boy again!” The viscountess exclaimed, clasping her hands together. 

“I am extremely happy he is coming. I have missed him so very much!” Eloise said. 

She and her oldest brother had always been close. Much closer than she and her sister Hannah had been growing up as her sister was the iconic oldest debutant daughter. Hannah always followed all the rules and often tattled on her and Jonathan to their mother, so Eloise learned early on not to confide in her sister with any of her secrets. It would be good to finally see her brother again. He had not been home in years as he had been travelling around the world. Eloise longed to finally have someone to share her thoughts and concerns with again after so long of keeping everything in her heart. 

She had so many concerns and no one to share them with now that Jonathan was gone from the house. The number one being that she would end up in a life like her sister Hannah. Hannah had been married off to an older Earl last year. Of course, Hannah had done so without complaint as was expected of her, but Eloise could not understand how she could do so. The Earl was over twice her age, and Hannah had barely known him. Eloise knew that more than likely her parents would plan on marrying her to someone similar to the kind of man Hannah had married. The thought of being subjected to a life like this absolutely terrified Eloise. 


Henry strolled down the corridor of his family’s large estate. As he wandered down the halls absent-mindedly, he was only drawn back into the present when he realized that he had ended up in front of his older brother’s chambers. Henry snapped to attention when he realized where he was, as he had not been anywhere near this room in the past year on purpose. Since his older brother, Thomas and his fiancé had been killed in a terrible chaise accident his life had changed dramatically. Along with having to deal with the death of his older brother and best friend, Henry had found himself suddenly thrown into the dukedom, and all of its responsibilities. Being the second son, Henry had not been raised to be the future Duke of Silvercrest and then suddenly he had to step into that role. It was the last thing that Henry desired. In his days as a young man in his twenties he spent his days as an officer in the Royal British Forces and now in his thirties he had seen enough excitement—if you could call it that—and power, for two lifetimes and if given the choice he would prefer to spend his days working on his art. 

Henry had seen so much death, brutality, and the hunger for power that warped men, it left him emotionally scarred. Yet he had found much solace in putting all of his focus in work that revolved around his hands. He had a passion for woodwork, creating sculptures, and dabbling in canvas paintings, though not as often or as skillfully. 

Henry entered the room, and stood there in his brother’s chambers. He was hit with a wave of emotion. He missed Thomas, his older brother, dearly. It had been Thomas that had given him the idea to start throwing his trauma into his art, reminding him how much Henry had loved it when they were young boys. 

When Henry returned from war, he had done his best to hide how much he was suffering, but he could not hide it from Thomas, for he knew Henry far too well. As usual his brother was right, and the artistic work helped him significantly. There were times though that even his art would not push away the flashbacks of the battlefield, and only one thing would help. That was to find a mistress to spend the night with, which gave him the reputation of a rake. 

“I have to get out of here!” Henry said out loud to himself when the pain grew too great, and he walked swiftly out of the dusty dark room and headed to his chambers to change. He had done enough work on the ledgers today and decided to drown his pain in a glass of bourbon, and the distraction of a lovely woman for the day. 

Henry quickly changed and headed down to the main foyer where he waited for his stallion, Storm, to be saddled and then mounted him expertly, taking off in the direction of his favorite brothel. There he had a few drinks and spoke with Aracely, a beautiful young woman from Spain. She had a heavy accent and thick black curls, with shining blue eyes that complemented her olive skin tone. Whenever Henry could not drown out the pain of haunting memories, Aracely was the only one that could douse them into oblivion. This night was no different. When Henry left in the early hours of the next morning, though, instead of feeling satisfied and relieved from his activities that night, he felt while his pain was curbed for the time being, that he was even more empty than before. Henry knew that this habit of drinking and women was not a positive solution to his issues but for the time he could not find a better answer. Sadly, these choices had earned him a reputation in the ton as a rampant rake, but truthfully this was a common perception of most of the high-ranking young men in London society. 

Henry went for a walk in the garden and when he saw the way the flakes of snow and holly bushes glistening in the light of the dawn and the birds singing which gave the entire scene a look of majesty. He could do nothing except go and fetch his sketch book and draw what he saw. Hours went by before Henry finally set down his sketch book and realized that it was high time for him to head to the breakfast table. When he arrived at the breakfast table Henry his mother, Constance and his younger sister, Diana were already seated and waiting for him to join them so that they could all begin their first meal of the day. 

“I apologize for my tardiness, Mama, and sweet sister. I was out in the garden this morning and it was so lovely out there that I unfortunately lost track of time. I do hope you were not waiting for me very long,” Henry announced as he tucked his napkin into his shirt and began cutting his meat. 

“You are forgiven Henry,” Constance replied stiffly, and Henry could tell that she was not pleased with him in the slightest.

“Oh Henry, I forgot to tell you about the Winterfell soirée tonight and Mama has said that I may attend if you will chaperone me,” Diana said with a hopeful look. She had just come out and their mother seemed hesitant to allow her into society. Henry was pretty sure she simply did not want her only daughter married off so soon. She was already nineteen years old and had been annoyed that Constance had forced her to wait so long to be out. She would not allow their mother to wait any longer for her to be in society. Henry had tried to tell his little sister that being out in society was not all she dreamed it would be, and that she was not truly missing anything, but she had still been determined to be out and this year she had won. Diana did not know it, but Henry had seen how desperately she wanted to be out, so he had spoken to his mother and convinced her that it was time. At first his mother had objected to the idea and said she could wait one more year, but he would not let the subject go and eventually she agreed to it. 

“I believe my schedule is clear for this evening and I would be happy to escort you to the Winterfell soiree tonight, Diana,” Henry agreed.

Diana’s entire face lit up with excitement and delight, and the rest of the meal was spent in silence. That is until Constance said near the end of the meal that since he was going to the soiree that night, he should be sure to engage in conversation with her best friend’s daughter, Lady Victoria. He needed to marry and fulfill his duty to the family by carrying on the family line. Henry decided that he did not wish to have an argument with his mother and merely nodded in agreement. 

After the meal had concluded, Henry took note of the fact that his sister was making her way to the library, carrying a book that she had kept hidden until her mother was out of sight. This was strange behavior for Diana, and Henry thought he should ask her about it as soon as they were alone. 

Chapter Two

When Eloise and her cousin, Frederick, who was serving as her escort, arrived at the Winterfell’s soiree, the party was already in full swing. Her mother, Margaret, had been complaining of a severe headache that evening, and her father had thought it best to stay home with her, in case she needed anything. Eloise was thrilled to be out without her mother. Her cousin, Frederick, was quite relaxed, preferring to remain with all the married men who talked politics, drank, and smoked, affording Eloise much more freedom than usual at parties. 

Eloise stood in the ballroom in awe of the decorations, taking in the sweet scent of the flowers that graced the tables and walls all around the room. As she took it all in, Eloise noticed her best friend, Sarah, walking over to her. Sarah looked as though she had so much to tell Eloise. 

“Elie, I know you have only just arrived but surely you must know that all everyone is talking about is the rumor that the scandalous author, Edward Elder, is about to publish a new book,” Sarah stated quietly.

Eloise struggled not to blush at this comment and knowing that it was her latest book that everyone was whispering about. 

“Oh, I had not heard that the author was publishing another book yet. When is it set to release?” Eloise asked innocently. 

“I heard it should be out in a matter of days and the waitlist for copies is already very long. I am not sure though, as I do not know how I feel about such scandalous material being so vastly popular among respectable society,” Sarah stated. 

Eloise felt a lump forming in the pit of her stomach at her best friend’s apparent disapproval of her work.

“I cannot say much on the matter as I have never purchased any of those books. If my mother ever found out that I was reading such literature she would not allow me to show my face in the ton for weeks to come and never forgive me for the rest of her days.” 

Eloise hated being deceptive to her dearest friend but in some regards, it was not a complete lie as she had not ever actually bought any of her work. 

“I was able to read one of the novels last year and hide it in my chambers where one would never happen upon it. I will admit that I did enjoy reading the book as it was very well written, and it is abundantly clear why the author is so successful in his work. I mean… how I wish that man was my future husband. For the way he sees so clearly into a woman’s mind is incredible, almost as though he were a woman himself.”

“Well, that is absolutely impossible. A woman would never be allowed to publish anything. We all know that!” Eloise said, her heart pounding. 

“Yes, this is true, though I do not see why our world is so backwards in such matters. Women are completely capable of being authors, why my younger sister is one of the most talented poets I have ever seen and would be a huge success if given the chance.”

“Is she really, Sarah? You have never told me this before. I would love to read some of her work if Annie would allow me to see it,” Eloise said excitedly. 

“I will ask her. I am sure that when you come over on Saturday, she would be more than happy to show you her work, even though she is quite shy about it, since she looks up and admires you so much. I am quite certain she will allow you to see her poems.” 

As Sarah said this the room grew quiet and both of the girl’s attention was drawn to the entrance of the Duke of Silvercrest and his younger sister Lady Diana. The Duke, Henry St. James, was a tall handsome man with rugged looks and a face with large piercing dark brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. Eloise had only seen him a handful of times in social gatherings this season since he had returned home to England last year. 

“The duke does not look very pleased to be at this soiree tonight, does he? I heard that the death of his older brother and sister-in-law took a terrible toll on him, and it is whispered that the duke now spends much time in a very risqué part of town now. It is said he is a rake to put all others to shame. duke or not you could not ever convince me to marry such a man!” Sarah whispered to Eloise. 

Eloise watched the duke throughout the night and something about him struck her. He did not seem to live up to his reputation as nothing more than a rake, but that there was something more to him. Eloise had not the faintest idea what that was, though. Lady Diana looked to be a sweet young girl and although she was only a year younger than Eloise and Sarah neither one of them really knew her at all. The dowager duchess, Constance St James was overly protective of her, keeping her out of society, the events and parties of the ton, as much as possible. She was lovely, with sweet blue eyes and dark curly brown hair just like her older brother’s, but her skin was as fair as a porcelain doll, and she was petite, making her appear fragile. 

When Sarah was asked to dance by a young baron, Eloise noticed that Lady Diana was standing in a corner where a group of debutants had pushed her out of the circle of conversation. Eloise felt such a strong sense of compassion for the girl because she knew what it was like to be ignored and treated poorly by the ton. It was common for them to dislike anyone that was blessed with beauty and wealth, and Lady Diana had an abundance of both. Therefore, Eloise decided to walk over to where the Lady Diana stood with her lemonade, trying to look utterly absorbed in the contents of the glass held in her delicate hand. 

“Hello, I am Eloise Everleigh. How are you enjoying the soiree tonight?” Eloise said with a slight curtsey.

Lady Diana curtsied as well and smiled sweetly in response, “I am Diana St. James and it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Everleigh, and yes, I am enjoying the party. I love the way everything looks in here… so magical, as though something out of a fairy tale.”

“I completely agree! They have made it so lovely in here and speaking of lovely things your gown is just breath-taking. That shade of blue matches your eyes perfectly!” 

“You are very kind to say so, and I love your dress as well.” 

“So do you like fairy tales?” Eloise asked kindly. 

“I did as a child and to be truthful at heart I still do and would love to live in a world like those of the novels I read. I simply love the adventure, the magic, and the romance of those books,” Lady Diana admitted. 

“I know exactly what you mean and feel the same way. Do you read much?” Eloise asked. 

“Oh, yes, quite often. But I have to sneak away and read in a quiet corner of the house, or my mother will chide me for not spending my time more wisely and doing something more productive. Like my needle work or practicing on the piano forte.”

“I have a mother that is just the same. We should go promenading in my family’s gardens together tomorrow morning and talk more about our favorite books. That is, if you are available and would enjoy that?” Eloise suggested.

“I would be delighted to do that and am utterly free tomorrow morning! Thank you so much for your kind offer.”

“It is my pleasure, and it will be wonderful to get to know you more!” 

Sarah had finished her dance with the Baron at that point and hobbled over to where Eloise and Lady Diana stood. 

“Good Lord! I hope that dreadful man never asks me to dance with him again!” 

“Are you all right Sarah?” Eloise asked with evident concern for her friend.

“I am not, but I will be once I am able to sit down. That man stepped on my toes at least a dozen times in the span of that short dance and I think perhaps he has ruined by very best slippers!”

“Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Here please let us all sit down on this couch and rest for a bit!” Lady Diana suggested.

Sarah suddenly noticed Lady Diana, having been so preoccupied with her hurt feet. “Ahh, I beg your pardon for my blunt speech. I am Miss Sarah Middleton.”

“Not at all, it is my honor to meet you Miss Sarah, I am Diana St. James.” 

The three girls had not been sitting for more than a few minutes when they were approached by Eloise’s cousin, Frederick and Lady Diana’s brother, Henry. 

The two gentlemen pulled up a couple of chairs and sat across from the ladies after having bowed and made all the proper introductions. 

Eloise saw out of the corner of her gaze that the duke seemed to be staring at her whenever she looked away and his eyes on her made her entire body ignite with excitement and tingle in pleasure. Frederick said that he and the duke were going to enjoy a few rounds of fencing the next morning at her father’s estate. Frederick lived there as well, having moved in when he was a young man after his mother had passed away in his youth. 

“Oh, that is perfect, brother, for Miss Everleigh has invited me to promenade with her in their gardens tomorrow morning! Perhaps you two can join us if you finish in time.” 

“I think that is a fine idea, sister.” Henry agreed simply.

“Miss Sarah, would you do me the great honor of dancing with me?” Fredrick asked as the young people began to line up for the next dance on the floor. 

“I would be more than happy to oblige you, my lord,” Sarah replied to his request, her face alight with glee. 

In that same moment another young man appeared and bowed low to the duke and his sister and asked if he might have permission to dance with the Lady Diana. This left Eloise and Henry alone in the corner of the room together and for a moment Eloise wondered what on earth to say to this man. She did not have to ponder this for long because he soon spoke up. 


“My Lady, I hope you would not find it too presumptive of me to ask you to join me for some fresh air on the terrace. I am in much need of the cool night air.” 

“I would love to!” Eloise said as she accepted his offered arm and allowed him to guide her to the terrace. 

When she and the duke reached the terrace, she felt a sense of relief at not being under the eyes of all the party along with the pleasant breeze in the air tonight. The duke appeared to relax as well now that they were out of the crowded party. 

“Thank you for being willing to come out here. I must admit I do not enjoy being in large crowds of people any longer.” Henry sighed in relief. 

“No, thank you, I was much in need of some fresh air and a bit of space from the party as well. It truly is a lovely evening out tonight is it not?”

“That it is, indeed. Look over that direction you can already see the moon hanging low in the sky.”

“Oh, it is a full moon tonight! And it is such a huge moon tonight, it is simply stunning!” Eloise exclaimed. 

“Yes, absolutely stunning and breath-taking,” Henry agreed but Eloise did not notice that instead of the full moon in the sky, he was staring at her and her intricate, sweet beauty.

“It reminds me of this artist I saw painting in the park the other morning when I was going for a late evening walk to clear my mind of everything. His work was exquisite.”

“Clear you mind? Was everything all right Your Grace?” Eloise asked.

Before Henry even thought about it, he found himself opening up to the young lady that he had just met, “Yes, everything was fine. There are just times that life, especially this Dukedom, becomes too much for me at home and I need a change of scenery so that I can think clearly and breathe deeply.” 

“I would think life as a duke would be quite empowering and freeing, is it not Your Grace?” 

“I know why you would see it that way, but although I am the son of a duke, I was not raised to be one. My elder brother was the one who was supposed to take on that role. You know, I do not know that he needed to be trained for it. I swear he came out of the womb ready to rule!” Henry chuckled. 

“I completely understand. I am the baby of my family and the second daughter, and my sister never had to be taught how to be a proper lady. She just innately always knew how. I on the other hand struggle still, and feel often as though I fail at it!”

“I cannot imagine that to be the truth, you look the very picture of a lady of London fit to be one of the Queen’s lady’s maids.”

“Oh, you are very kind but your praise and thought of me is too high. I could never fit such a bill, and to be honest…” Eloise blushed. After looking to see that no one else was around, she said, in a much softer voice, “I would not wish to be one at all.”

“Truthfully you would not?” Henry said in surprise for he did not know a single woman of the ton or in all of London for that matter that would not wish to hold such a position in court.

“Yes, I am in earnest. I do not much care for the dynamics, schemes, and games that go on in court. I would prefer to live more privately and have my freedom.” Eloise said, as she looked off at the night skyline in the far distance. 

“I agree.” Henry said simply because he could not think of anything else to say. As he gazed at her, Henry looked on her with new eyes. Not only did he see the delicate beauty that stood before him with her long copper brown hair, emerald-green eyes, rosy round cheeks, and slender shapely figure, the kind of beauty that made a man hungry and ache for her undivided naked attention. He also saw a woman that surprised him, making him wonder at the strange creature in front of him, who caused him to be curious about her, and his desire to get to know her more. 

“My lady, I would consider it a great pleasure to be allowed the opportunity to call on you tomorrow morning if you would like?” 

Eloise’s lipid pools of verdant eyes and long dark eyelashes blinked with momentary surprise before she responded with a smile saying, “I would like that very much Your Grace!”

Henry felt his heart pounding at the sight of her gracious smile and the way her lovely bosom was rising and falling before him. He wanted to ask her more questions, discern what her favorite flowers were, so that he could send them in morning before he would arrive. However, just then Frederick and Sarah also came out on the terrace and walked over to join them. 

“Oh, Eloise that dance was so wonderful you would have loved it. Your cousin, Mr. Thompson here is a superb dance partner!” Sarah announced with excitement. 

“Miss Middleton, you are too kind! It is you that is the superb dancer. In fact, if you are agreeable, I would love to escort you to the dance floor at the next opportunity?” Frederick asked. 

“I would love to!”

“Would you allow me to have that same dance with you Miss Everleigh?” Henry asked seizing the opportunity while the topic of conversation was on dancing. 

“That sounds lovely Your Grace.”

The four of them stood and made small talk for a long time before they all went back to the party and lined up on the dance floor to dance a lively jig. Henry loved the way that Eloise looked as she danced. Her whole face lit up as she embraced the dance, and the way her body moved so gracefully across the floor she looked akin to a water fairy. Henry felt as though he were falling under the spell of her enchantment.

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