A Marquess’s Rhapsody of Desire – Extended Epilogue

Three years later…

“Edward, please be careful,” Charlotte called to her son as he played with a wooden sword in the corner of the room. 

The boy of three nodded a reply to his mother, turning his focus back to the vase he was trying to apprehend with his weapon. His sandy blond hair shone in the flickering light of the candles, the spitting image of his father. The only feature that hinted that Charlotte was his mother was the bright green eyes that resembled hers down to the tiniest fleck. 

“You worry too much, My Lady.” Jameson came up from behind, gripping her hips and pulling her body into his. The terms of address had become a form of endearment for them, reminding the couple of their younger days and the struggles they’d had to face. 

“And you don’t worry enough, My Lord,” she teased and turned to look at her husband. 

“You said you wanted to see me before the soiree starts?” He looked at her fondly with even more love than he’d had at the start. Their years of marriage had only proved to strengthen their bonds. 

“Yes, I received a note this morning from Lord Dunham. He is going into retirement and hopes to find a wife soon.” She placed her arms around his neck and allowed him to support her weight by placing his hands on her hips. 

Narrowing his eyes at her with a playful smirk, Jameson pulled her closer. “Did you call me here to tell me that you are having a sordid affair with the man who almost stole your heart?” 

Erupting into a fit of laughter, Charlotte shook her head. “You know there was never any chance of Lord Dunham stealing my heart. I simply wanted to let you know that he wished you a very happy birthday and hopes that we are happy together.”

“In that case, you can write back and let him know that we are ecstatically happy.” He laughed.  

“I hardly think that this is the time to be so affectionate.” Lady Isabella interrupted their moment together as she and Lord Ashburton came into the room, carrying a girl of Edward’s age in her arms. 

“Is that my favourite little niece?” Charlotte gushed and let go of her husband, scooping the girl up in her arms and hugging her close. 

The child with ebony hair and amber eyes blushed as she buried her face in Charlotte’s shoulder. Her cherubic features were reminiscent of her mother’s with a hint of her father in the mix. 

“Little Charlotte here has been longing to see her favourite aunt for days,” Isabella teased and tickled her side. 

“Run along and play with Edward,” Charlotte said after kissing her cheeks and placing the child on the ground. 

“And how is Lady Rose faring?” Jameson asked after greeting the couple. 

Lord Ashburton smiled as he watched his daughter run after Edward. “Blissfully married and expecting her first child,” he informed them. 

“That’s amazing news!” Charlotte kissed her friend on the cheek and hugged Lord Ashburton. 

Guests began to file into the room, signalling the start of the soiree. The duke and duchess reminisced with Lady Thornton about the good old days before becoming completely distracted by their grandchildren. 

Lady Elizabeth entered the room with her husband at her side, a dashing young duke who had won her heart soon after coming into her life. “Charlotte, it is so good to see you looking so well. Are we still on for tea next week?” she gushed after greeting Charlotte and her brother. 

“Of course, and I see you have brought a guest along with you?” Charlotte peered over her shoulder at Lady Henrietta and her husband the Viscount of Burton.

“I hope you don’t mind; she wanted to give you both her best wishes,” Lady Elizabeth said apologetically, a sheepish look on her face. 

“I mind …” Jameson mumbled before his wife elbowed him gently in the ribs. 

Smiling to cover his response, Charlotte sighed. “The more the merrier.” 

“My Lord, may I present my husband, Lord Burton, and my daughter, Lady Suzette.” Henrietta seemingly ignored Charlotte and stepped aside to reveal a shy girl of two who clung to her mother’s legs. Her hair was red and curly, piled high atop her head in the fashion that Henrietta adored. 

Coming to his wife’s side, Jameson drew her closer, placing his hand on her wrist. “We are both delighted to make you acquaintance,” he said with a stiff smile. 

Lady Burton forced a smile and greeted Charlotte. “You are looking well, Lady Sinclair.” 

“We may be expecting again, but don’t tell anyone yet, it’s still a secret,” Jameson leaned in closer and whispered. 

“Oh, well, I guess you have outdone us in that sense,” Lady Burton said and smiled, walking away with Elizabeth and her husband. 

Rounding on him, Charlotte scolded her husband. “Jameson Sinclair, you know very well that was a lie. I have confided no such suspicion in you.” 

“No, but I still can’t stand to be around her. The silly woman can’t be happy for anyone else despite the way her husband dotes on her.” He shook his head with a sigh. 

Rolling her eyes, Charlotte relented. “The guests are waiting for us in any case, we had better get started.” 

Taking up their places at the pianoforte, Charlotte and Jameson began to play one of their original compositions that would continue throughout the ages. Their legacy of love and harmony being passed down from generation to generation. 


A soft sigh escaped her lips as Jameson kissed a path down her neck, laying her down on the bed as he undid the laces of her corset. 

“Are you sure that our little prince is asleep, My Lord?” She looked down and asked just as he slipped the garment from her legs. 

“Do you think I would be doing this if he wasn’t?” he answered with a cheeky grin and continued to kiss her thighs, sending a ripple of pleasure over her skin. 

Her breathing deepened as he parted her thighs, kissing a path over her inner thighs until his tongue found its mark. The gentle flicking motion sent shivers of pleasure into her core as she tangled her fingers in his hair, pushing him deeper into her centre. 

Soft moans filled the air, bringing with them the heat that radiated down her thighs. 

Jameson growled with pleasure, doubling his efforts until her legs began to shake with pleasure. 

Disappointed when he withdrew, Charlotte allowed her body to go limp on the bed. “You know I hate it when you stop suddenly like that,” she complained, feeling her pleasure ebbing away. 

“I was just getting you started, My Lady,” he teased and kissed the insides of her knees before coming up. 

“In that case …” Charlotte playfully bit her lower lip and sat up straight, hooking her thumbs into the band of his breeches and pulling them down. Without wasting any time, she kissed a path over his hips and found her mark, taking him into her mouth with a loud moan. 

Jameson grunted in pleasure, tangling his fingers in her hair, and urging her on in the same manner as she had done. Stopping as soon as a growl of pleasure escaped his throat, Charlotte came up straight, giving him a look that said, ‘Now you know how I feel.’

Opening his eyes, he smirked at her. “I see how that is.” He gripped her legs, pulling her towards the edge of the bed and parting her thighs. 

Charlotte’s heart began to race as he kissed her ankles, positioning himself between her thighs. A gasp of pleasure filled the air as he entered her slowly, moving his hips while keeping his eyes locked on hers. 

The moment was filled with passion as Jameson leant down, taking her lips into his and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Bringing her arms around his neck, Charlotte held him close, moving her hips in rhythm with his as their movements became hungrier still. 

“My Lord …” she purred against his lips as his hand came up to squeeze her breast, rolling her nipple in the palm of his hand. 

Their panting synchronized as their bodies reached the same rhythm of pleasure, melting into one another with each and every thrust and embrace. 

Coming up straight, Jameson gripped her hips, guiding her body as his movements grew in speed, grunting his pleasure as her breasts bounced with the motions. 

“Charlotte!” he cried out as his face contorted with pleasure. 

Her muscles tensed as spams of pleasure echoed her husband’s, causing an eruption in her core that washed over her body as she writhed from side to side. 

Collapsing beside her on the bed, Jameson drew her against his chest, whispering sweet nothings until their breathing had once again eased. 

Charlotte felt as if her heart would explode as she rolled onto her stomach and looked at the man she loved, running the tips of her fingers over his chest. “You know this evening when you told Lady Burton that we were expecting again, is that something you are hoping for?” She waited with bated breath to hear his response. 

Taking a deep breath to still his own breathing, Jameson turned to her with a smile. “I can’t say that it isn’t, I know that we said we wouldn’t get our hopes up too much because it has been three years, but I want another. A little girl next time perhaps.” His eyes filled with hope as he wrapped a lock of her hair around his finger and let it go again. 

Nodding, Charlotte chewed the inside of her cheek thoughtfully. “I must confess that I thought you had discovered my secret when you spoke like that to Lady Burton.” She breathed a sigh of relief and waited for his response. Waiting for the opportune time to do so had been making her tired as her insides threatened to burst with excitement. 

“What did you say?” Jameson came up, propping himself up on his elbow, and looking at her with shock. 

Charlotte allowed a moment for the news to sink in before beaming with joy. “My Lord, you are going to be a father again. As to the sex of the baby, I cannot make any promises, but I can assure you that it will be a baby.” 

Jameson’s eyes filled with tears as he drew her against his chest, burying his face in her hair as he began to cry grateful tears. 

Stroking his hair, Charlotte whispered in his ear. “Old age is beginning to make you soft, My Lord,” she teased and kissed his ear. 

Coming up for air, he looked at her with tears in his eyes. “I can assure you that I am far from old, My Lady. These are grateful tears of a man that knows exactly what he’s got in life.” 

“And what is that?” She nuzzled her nose into his neck. 

“Only the best of everything that this life has to offer. And I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy this time. All I care about is that you’ve made me the happiest man alive, Lady Charlotte Sinclair.” He pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead. 

“And you have made me the luckiest woman on Earth, Lord Jameson Sinclair. I hope to grow old with you after many more children. I want to spend the final years of my life composing music with you as we watch our grandchildren playing on the moors of Scotland while we take them with us on our many adventures.” 

“You are the greatest melody that I have ever composed, Charlotte, and I hope that all the things you have said come true along with a few of my own.” He smiled down at her as he drew his fingers along the length of her body. 

“And what are those dreams?” she asked with a smile. 

“I want to make love to you on every continent across the world.” 


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3 thoughts on “A Marquess’s Rhapsody of Desire – Extended Epilogue”

  1. Lovely story of young love between two people with such love of music and instant attraction between them. Other than the villainous uncle Reggie they were surrounded by such loving family and friends. Lord Dunham was an undercover agent but it seems odd he would use his real name and title knowing that Reggie would recognize the name as someone he had swindled. Yet Reggie not only didn’t know him he actively encouraged him to pursue Lady Charlotte. This seems very unlikely. You should given him a fictitious name while undercover and revealed his real name when he confronted Reggie. Other than that I realky.liked the book. The epilogue wrapped up neatly all the other characters and their relationships with others. Personally I didn’t see the need for the description of their love making at the end but others may like it.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! I appreciate your insights and will definitely keep them in mind for future stories. I’m glad you enjoyed the overall plot and the way the epilogue tied everything together. Your perspective is valuable, and I’m grateful for your time and feedback. Happy reading!

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