A Scarred Duke takes a Bride

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Lady Emmaline Moreau, daughter of the Earl of Monrith, is a prim and proper lady in public, but behind closed doors, she’s a shrewd businesswoman. When her first big investment goes awry, risking her family’s financial ruin, Emmaline feels the weight of guilt pressing down on her. Desperate to save her family from the pauper’s house, she must navigate the world of London’s elite.

When she strikes a deal with the devil himself, will it cost her everything she holds dear?

Lord Alexander Black, Duke of Westmarch, is burdened by his family’s legacy of debt and violence. Haunted by a tragic past, he resigned himself to a life of solitude. However, when fate brings him face-to-face with Emmaline, he’s drawn to her in ways he never imagined. For Alexander to capture the love that beckons to him though, he must break free from the chains of his past.

Will he defy the odds and fight for a future filled with passion and happiness alongside Emmaline, even if it means risking everything?

In the devil’s lair, where mystery and intrigue abound, Emmaline finds herself drawn to a scarred nobleman who may hold the key to her family’s salvation. But as secrets unravel and loyalties are tested, she must confront the ultimate question: is he a friend or foe? And when betrayal strikes, will their love be enough to overcome the darkness threatening to consume them both?

“A Scarred Duke takes a Bride” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Passion’s Pact with the Viscount

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Lady Elizabeth Waverly vows to guard her heart fiercely, determined to never have it broken again, and certainly not by the scorching touch of a notorious rake. As the Season dawns, she enters the fray with steely resolve, her gaze unyielding. Armed with a meticulously crafted list, she sets out on a quest to find a husband. Yet, amidst her unwavering determination, a force emerges, a tempest of desire that threatens to unravel her carefully constructed defenses…

Can she keep to the list, or will she give into the desire that threatens to take over?

Lord Jonathan Harrington’s obsession with Miss Amelia, his unrequited love, still consumes him three years after her rejection. Despite drowning his sorrows in hedonism, he remains shackled by debt, familial disapproval, and inner turmoil. When his friend Charles proposes a scheme to win Lady Waverly’s heart in exchange for Charles’s help in winning Amelia back, Jonathan faces a moral dilemma…

Pursue his longed-for happiness at any cost, even if it means using another to achieve it?

Jonathan and Elizabeth embark on a clandestine dance of courtship, each harboring a hidden truth. Jonathan, fueled by a fierce determination to capture another’s affections, and Elizabeth, driven by a simmering desire for retribution against reckless hearts. Will the revelation of the lies be enough to ruin them? Or will they find love amidst all the deception, their bodies entwined in a fiery embrace, leaving them breathless and longing for more?

“Passion’s Pact with the Viscount” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Duke’s Disguised Maid

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Alaina, a humble maid in the household of an Earl, finds solace in her friendship with Lady Caroline, their bond akin to that of sisters despite their difference in status. When Lady Caroline is forced into an unwanted betrothal with the Duke of Peddleton, Alaina’s world is shaken. With Lady Caroline’s audacious suggestion to switch places, Alaina finds herself thrust into a perilous charade at the Duke’s estate. However, soon she is struck by the enigmatic Duke, stirring feelings she’s never known before…

Will Alaina be able to guard her heart as she delves deeper into this deceitful masquerade, or will her feelings lead to her undoing?

Marcus, haunted by his father’s debts, sees marriage to Lady Caroline as a solution. When the woman he believes to be Lady Caroline arrives, Marcus begins to think that the debts his father has left him could be a true blessing in disguise. Consumed by the thought of her, he finds the boundaries of propriety blurring as his desire for Lady Caroline intensifies.

Is he finally prepared to surrender his heart to one woman?

As Alaina and Marcus grow closer to one another, stolen kisses in unchaperoned moments and steamy thoughts offer up a world of new possibilities, full of excitement. Marcus finds himself drawn to Alaina’s strength and resilience, but he has no idea that Alaina’s head is full of fear… Can their love survive the weight of Alaina’s lie? Or will she prefer to run and hide from the truth forever?

“The Duke’s Disguised Maid” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Duke’s Forbidden Rendezvous

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Eliza Marlowe, once the epitome of elegance, now shunned after a scandal, resigns to a life of spinsterhood. Yet, fate has other plans when her father brokers a union with Lord Harrington—an aging man with a soul marred by scars, destined to lead her into a future more perilous than ruin itself. Unbeknownst to Eliza, the scorching heat of desire is rekindled within her when the enigmatic Ethan, a duke with a magnetic presence and secrets steps into her world, igniting a firestorm of passion that threatens to consume them both…

Will she choose the safety of conformity or risk everything for a chance at true love?

Amidst the stifling expectations of his impending dukedom, Ethan Langford longs for a life beyond the confines of duty and responsibility. When he crosses paths with Eliza, a woman deemed unsuitable by society’s standards, everything he knows is shattered. Drawn to her fiery spirit and hidden depths, Ethan is torn between his obligations and the irresistible pull of love, unable to resist the intoxicating allure of their forbidden desires…

Can he find the courage to follow his heart, even if it means risking everything he holds dear?

As scandal grips the corridors of power, Eliza and Ethan find themselves pawns in a game orchestrated by the villainous Lord Harrington, whose machinations threaten to tear them apart. Yet, they discover a beacon of hope in each other’s arms. Can they overcome the sinister machinations that jeopardize their bond, or will they succumb to the villain’s nefarious schemes, sealing their fate in a tragic twist of fate?

“The Duke’s Forbidden Rendezvous” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Rogue Lord’s Desire

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Miss Catherine Thompson refuses to be defined by scandal as creditors strip her family of everything they hold dear. In the midst of her struggle to hold her broken family together, Lord Richard Landry, the scion of the man who seized their belongings, unexpectedly arrives, casting a flicker of hope into Catherine’s darkest hour. Yet, Catherine’s initial resistance to his charm softens as she discovers his genuine intentions to assist, though she remains wary of his true motives…

Will he be the light in her shadowed world or merely another shadow from her troubled past?

Lord Richard Landry, the dashing heir to the esteemed Wallingham title, is torn between duty and desire. Haunted by the suffocating expectations imposed by his father, Richard finds solace in Catherine’s unwavering resilience and determination. Despite his initial reputation as a charming rogue, Richard’s encounters with Miss Catherine awaken a deeper sense of purpose within him, propelling him to defend her against the insidious schemes of his own kin.

Can he reconcile his burning desire for Catherine with the ruthless ambitions of his family, or will he risk everything for love deemed forbidden?

Amid swirling scandals, Catherine and Richard’s relationship ignites with passion and intrigue. Their encounters are charged with tension as Catherine grapples with the bitterness of her family’s downfall and Richard battles the oppressive influence of his father. As their fiery connection grows, will it withstand the relentless storms of manipulation and betrayal in Regency society, or will it consume them both in a blaze of forbidden desire?

“A Rogue Lord’s Desire” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Marquess’s Rhapsody of Desire

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Lady Charlotte is haunted by a dark family secret that threatens to shatter the newfound love she’s discovered. Her days are filled with the enchanting melodies she weaves on her pianoforte, but the nights are tormented by secrets that refuse to stay buried. When Lord Jameson Sinclair, a man of honor and dedication, enters her life, their connection ignites a passionate flame that transcends the boundaries of society.

What hidden melodies of Lady Charlotte’s past compose the haunting symphony that jeopardizes the blossoming affection, submerging it in a tide of enigmas?

Lord Jameson Sinclair, a distinguished figure in the aristocracy, embodies a rare blend of honor and lust. Having dedicated much of his adult life to rescuing his family from financial ruin, Lord Sinclair is a man of resilience and determination. As he unravels the threads of a financial scandal that once tore his family apart, he becomes entangled with Lady Charlotte, drawn to her not only by desire but by an unspoken understanding of the burdens they each carry.

What secrets from Lord Sinclair’s own past could jeopardize the fragile connection he’s forming with Lady Charlotte?

As their intense desire intensifies, the heat between them grows more scorching with every secret kiss and lingering caress. Lady Charlotte and Lord Sinclair are swept away in a tale of tragedy and love, where fervor and danger dance hand in hand. Will they succumb to the intoxicating pull of passion and conquer the shadows of their pasts, or will the concealed truths they carry threaten to tear them apart?

“A Marquess’s Rhapsody of Desire” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Duke’s Sensual Christmas Revelation

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In the shadows of Regency aristocracy, Miss Eloise Everleigh leads a double life. By day, she maintains the genteel facade expected of her, but by night, she escapes into a world of passion and scandal through the pages of her passionate novels, written under a male pseudonym. As Eloise courageously navigates the complexities of her clandestine identity, her tales draw the attention of Henry St. James—a man whose brooding exterior conceals a yearning for more than society deems proper.

Can Eloise maintain the delicate balance between societal expectations and the intoxicating allure of her clandestine desires?

Henry St. James, the burdened Duke of Silvercrest, grapples with the shadows of war and the weight of his responsibilities. His noble facade hides a tortured soul yearning for liberation. When Eloise enters his life, Henry finds solace in stolen moments that defy the constraints of societal norms. As their connection deepens amidst the opulence of Regency society, Henry battles his inner demons and confronts an impending arranged courtship that threatens to shatter the fragile sanctuary he has found.

Will he succumb to the undeniable allure of passion, forsaking the chains of duty that bind him?

Eloise and Henry’s passionate relationship becomes a tempestuous dance between desire and decorum, and as they attend a pivotal ball, secrets are exposed, and their love is put to the test. As the embers of their passion burn brighter, they teeter on the edge of scandal, daring to embrace a love that defies the conventions of their time. Will their desires lead to their ruin or to a love that transcends the boundaries of Regency society?

“A Duke’s Sensual Christmas Revelation” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Bewitched by a Mysterious Earl

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Having seeing her parents’ loving marriage, the fiery Alice Skeffington dreams of a true, passionate love. Yet, when she attends her best friend’s party, she doesn’t know that a secret marriage market has been played behind her back… Whereas she is determined to entirely avoid courtship and enjoy her time, she soon finds herself stimulated with feelings of burning passion, as a new seductive guest appears at the residence…

Could this mysterious arrival change Alice’s mind on marriage?

Lord Thomas Nott tries his best as the new Earl of Warrington, after his father’s death. His parents’ affectionless union had long derstoyed his idea of marriage, making him entirely focus on business. Although he tries to stay away from the ton, he accepts his friend’s invitation to a party that would change his life forever. When he meets the tempting Alice, he makes it clear that he is not one of the suitors lined up for her. However, the guilty spark of desire soon starts burning his heart…

What will he do when he finds himself stuck between the seductive, stubborn Alice and an old flame?

As Thomas’s strict nature collides with Alice’s glamorous world, they get tangled up in a scandalous game of lust. When marriage expectations and scheming partners start to cast their shadows upon their tantalising liaison… Will Alice and Thomas find the strength to confess their sinful feelings? Or will their fears and ambivalence destroy their only chance of flaming, endless romance?

“Bewitched by a Mysterious Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Romancing a Forbidden Lady

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Lady Liza Crauford longs for one thing only; to find the true, passionate love she reads in her novels. Yet, the Season’s ton hardly offers up any promising partner, and with her overprotective brother sabotaging any prospect beau, Liza’s fantasy starts fading away. That is until a fateful ball, where she meets the rakish Lord Lightholder. Instantly tempted by him, she realises that the only man who ever tantalised her burning desire, is the same man who stole her brother’s betrothed away…

Torn between love and devotion, she wishes she had never tasted the fruit of forbidden passion.

The wicked Lord Henry Lightholder has decided to leave his old roguish life behind and finally find a suitable match. Determined to find a lady who can truly intrigue him, he meets the seductive Liza. However, being a traitor in her eyes, Henry has to choose if he will condemn himself to a loveless life or fight to prove her wrong and gain, not only her trust, but also her burning kiss.

What will he choose?

Liza and Henry’s lives soon collide under the shadow of a guilty past. Unable to tame their growing passion, they soon surrender to their lust. Yet, as their stolen moments in dark corners risk to expose their secret, another truth is revealed, that changes their lives forever… Will their sizzling love be damned by her brother’s revengeful interference? Or will they manage to create an enchanting and flaming future together?

“Romancing a Forbidden Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lord’s Sizzling Riddle

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The alluring Rachel Haddington knows that by finding a maid’s job, she raises her chance for a better life. Yet, there is one condition to her new job; to never address the Master. One fateful day, though, she accidentally encounters the brooding Viscount who sends a fire-and-ice jolt of attraction through her. When her seductive master grips her to a sizzling riddle game, Rachel will find herself losing her heart to him…

Knowing their affair is a scandal in the making, will she surrender to the temptation?

Viscount Michael Tilbury, has slipped away from society after his cherished wife’s death. Yet, his grief and solitude will soon turn into hidden passion for his new fiery maid. As a riddle-lover, Michael finds a skilful partner in the face of Rachel, and so much more… Consumed by irresistible desire, he will soon find himself wondering…

Can he ever allow his heart to love again?

There is no world where a maid and a Viscount can ever be together, but Rachel and Michael are determined to fight for their sizzling affair. When all they have is each other, can their romance survive the merciless schemes played behind their back? In the end, will their passionate hearts be forever trapped in a vast net of secrets or will they pursue their illicit liaison?

“A Lord’s Sizzling Riddle” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Lustful Pianist’s Sonata

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Lady Diana Hampton has dedicated her life to music, choosing her precious piano over the glorious balls. When her parents decide to marry her to a lord she despises, Diana will see her dreams fading away at a glimpse of an eye. When everything seems to collapse around her, an upcoming ball will light the sparkle of hope, as her passionate piano performance will awaken a mysterious rake’s desires.

Could this wicked Earl be the key to Diana’s salvation?

As a man that never wishes to live by the rules, the wicked Earl of Anbury, Oliver Calhoun, accepts his horrifying reputation with gratitude. However, he will soon be forced to return to London and face everything he kept avoiding all those years… even love. There, at a Season’s ball, he will find himself mesmerised by the enchanting melody of the most ravishing woman.

He had an unbreakable rule, until he met her…

As Oliver and Diana’s lives intertwine, a journey of music and lust begins… Until an evil Lord and a cunning Lady lark to destroy their happiness. Will their tantalising affair turn Oliver into a better man or will it plunge him into eternal darkness? Can their lustful sonata find the right notes for a happy ending, or will they end up living in the shadows of loneliness?

“The Lustful Pianist’s Sonata” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Butler’s Forbidden Affair

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The ruined reputation of her reckless father has trapped the fiery Diana Dowding in a loveless marriage with a soulless Duke. Neglected and isolated inside the big ducat of the countryside, Diana finds a friend to comfort her, the mysterious butler. However, a fateful night will be enough for Diana to realise her burning love for the seductive man.

Will her passion for the butler lead her in a scandalous path filled with secrets and lust?

Owen Arnold is the vigorous, proud butler of the cunning Duke of Somerset. His boss’ business schemes and lewd affairs with his maids never bothered him. Yet, things are about to change when Owen encounters his new Mistress, Dianna. His admiration for the Duchess will soon turn into tantalising feelings, after accepting her invitation to join her in a card game that would lead to so much more…

If only Owen could tame his forbidden desire before it is too late…

After a sinful night Diana and Owen will find themselves unable to control their concupiscent romance and their intentions to act in secrecy will not last… A wicked woman in the household knows the truth and she is determined to use it for her own sake. When dark revelations come to light, will Diana and Owen find a way to confront the dangerous Duke? Or will their unleashed desire vanish among the lies, plunging them into eternal darkness?

“A Butler’s Forbidden Affair” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Letters from a Sinful Colonel

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The ravishing Lady Matilda Mulaney’s life collapsed in the blink of an eye. Now, she knows that she is her family’s last chance to regain their social status, by marrying a Lord she would never love. Yet, her memories and the sinful letters from her old beloved friend, who disappeared along with her hopes years ago, is the only thing that makes her heart spark with joy.

As the winds of fortune change and the tempting man from Matilda’s past appears, will she find the strength to tame her desire for the sake of duty?

Lucas Conners’s war success made him from a steward’s son, the newest, very desirable Colonel of the English Army. Lucas decided to return home just for one reason, to finally conquer his childhood crash, Matilda. As their flaming reconnection sets fire in their souls, Lucas’s fears of destroying Matilda’s future will soon shadow his burning passion for her.

If only, he could stop himself from getting tangled in a risky game of seduction…

As fate brings them back together, Matilda and Lucas find themselves sinking deeper into an intimate affair that challenges their past selves. However, as their tantalising romance grows, Matilda’s marriage and a wicked Lady’s scheme over Lucas, will force them to face the grim reality. Will their lustful affection stand a chance of turning into sizzling happiness, or will it go down in flames of despair?

“Letters from a Sinful Colonel” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Falling for a Flaming Lady

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The fiery Marianne Tattershall, the daughter of a powerful Duke, has always been forced to tame her wild, intellectual nature and act as a proper lady. Yet, soon, an unexpected encounter with an alluring tutor and old family friend at her manor’s library will change her world once and for all. This charming man will slowly stimulate Marianne’s flaming thoughts and captivate her heart. However, her only hope of finding true passion will fade away when her parent’s desperate need to settle her down would lead them to engage her to London’s worst rakish Lord. Will she find the courage to go after her genuine romance with the man her heart is craving for?

Graham Mullens, son of an Earl and a present tutor at Oxford University, has gladly stepped away from high society’s hypocritical world and necessities. After discarding his title and vowing to never marry, he has dedicated his life to his educational career. Little did he know that soon he was going to break all his rules by meeting the most mesmerizing woman he had ever laid eyes on. The day he visits his old friend’s family library, he runs into the enticing Marianne. Even though he knows he should stay away, he is unable to resist his burning emotions for her… As Marianne’s pending engagement might tear her away from him, will he dare to defy everything for a chance of passionate love?

While Marianne and Graham keep falling into each other, their untamed feelings grow and they surrender to a lustful journey, with external threats casting their shadow upon it. The most hideous fraud has been played behind their backs, with Marianne’s future husband larking to steal their happiness away. Lost in a cunning game of deception will they manage to expose the truth and fight for their unconditional affection? Or will everything that has made their unconquered hearts fall for each other, be taken away from them forever?

“Falling for a Flaming Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Tantalising Portrait

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The charming Lady Rachel Hampton grew up in a very powerful but conservative family, having everything but her precious freedom. As her parents excluded her from London’s sinful high society, she was left alone, dreaming of a love that could release her from her golden cage. Yet, when the time to find a match arrives, an arranged marriage will destroy her hopes for true happiness. Little did she know that after the commission of her portrait, the most passionate and wicked man was about to appear in her life and change her world forever. Rachel’s meeting with the attractive artist will tantalise her innocent mind and stimulate her most inappropriate thoughts. When his flaming touch sets her heart on fire, will Rachel finally fight for her scandalous romance against her parents’ will?

William Smith, a very desirable and talented artist in London, is an enticing, wild at heart, and fiery young man. After Rachel’s parents hire him to paint her portrait, he quickly realises she is the most tempting woman he has ever laid eyes on, and completely different from all the pretentious ladies of the ton. Nevertheless, things turn dangerously complicated when he finds himself unable to resist her pure beauty and the fierce desire that burns between them. Knowing that he is diving into a perilous situation with her, will he manage to control his untamed passion?

Rachel and William’s guilty game of seduction starts from the very first painting session and leads them into a secret lustful affair. They may come from different classes, but the hot flame of attraction between them triggers their love that grows stronger every day. However, when their hot romance is exposed by Rachel’s parents, it seems that their affection will face a most cruel society that utterly demands their separation. Will Rachel and William choose to risk it all for the sake of their forbidden temptation or will their connection be overshadowed by their merciless misfortune?

“A Lady’s Tantalising Portrait” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Seductive Lady’s Guardian

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After losing her beloved mother and only living relative, the fiery Lady Isabel Walford must gather her ruins and leave her old life behind. Nevertheless, fate will bring her back together with an old family friend, the enticing Duke of Hawthorn, who becomes her new guardian. Even though Isabel always thought of him as the older brother she never had, a spark of guilty desire had enchanted her heart in the past. However, when Isabel’s untamed nature collides with the Duke’s overbearing spirit, the irresistible feelings will return. Will Isabel manage to break down the walls of the overprotective Duke and find tantalising love in the arms of her fiery guardian?

Anthony Snowley, the seductive Duke of Hawthorn, is determined to fulfil his promise to his late mother’s best friend and take care of her only child, Isabel. However, Anthony’s efforts to be a proper guardian will soon prove to be in vain, as his inappropriate thoughts for her will haunt him all over again. He could never allow himself to admit his eternal love and secret desire for Isabel, but her presence now makes it impossible to disregard the forbidden attraction he feels for her. How can he suppress his feelings and choose duty over the bewitching Isabel, who has taken over not only his home but his entire life too?

As the wild-natured Isabel, is trying to fit into the alluring Duke’s disciplined life, and Anthony is prioritising responsibility over his emotions, an endless game of seduction begins. Their constant contact along with their flaming arguments are getting charged by their hidden lust, leading them to a burning and sinful affair. Yet, while they are both secretly craving for each other, a wicked woman will try to eradicate their growing romance and gain the eligible Duke’s heart. Will Anthony and Isabel manage to unleash their untamed passion or will it all go hopelessly astray, leading to a shocking scandal?

“A Seductive Lady’s Guardian” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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